Septic Tank Cleaning Service


Contact us now if looking for a septic tank cleaning service in Columbia, Dentsville, West Columbia, Arthurtown, or Eastmont. We offer a professional service that keeps septic tanks in their perfect shape. A septic tank helps residential or commercial property occupants deal with wastewater affordably, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly manner. However, a septic unit needs regular and thorough cleaning to prevent costly problems.

If your septic tank needs cleaning or emptying, call the Columbia Septic Company to schedule an appointment. We’re the leading septic company with a sterling reputation for providing efficient and reliable services to residential and commercial property owners. Our crew will assist you in emptying your septic tank responsibly and safely using modern tinkering and powerful vacuuming equipment. Be confident that everything will get back to its optimal working condition the day you enlist our service.


Why Enlist a Professional Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Like the other parts of your residential or commercial property, your septic system requires regular maintenance. Septic tank cleaning is part of this maintenance. If you don’t pump, clean, or maintain your septic tank properly, it can lead to more severe issues. Backed-up plumbing is one of the obvious issues that arise from a poorly maintained septic system.

Smelly, distasteful plumbing can be an expensive headache that you have to address as quickly as possible. However, regular septic cleaning can eliminate the risk of arriving home to deal with an expensive and foul septic system failure.



Additionally, cleaning a septic tank is a stewardship act towards your community, the environment, and the neighborhood. If you don’t clean your septic tank more often, the system will eventually fail and unleash harmful wastewater into the local habitats, wells, and groundwater. Consequently, your property will cause health concerns for domestic livestock, wildlife, pets, and people.

Your septic system can pollute the local lakes, rivers, and recreational facilities, rendering them unsafe and unusable. Enlist our septic tank emptying and cleaning services as part of the system’s routine maintenance to avoid this.

Our septic tank cleaning will maintain the aesthetic and economic value of your property. We will clean your septic tank to ensure that it doesn’t pose any health threat to your family and the community.

For Our septic tank cleaning we serve Columbia, West Columbia, Blythewood, Arthurtown, Dentsville, Lexington,and surrounding areas

Signs That a Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

cleaning. Maybe you don’t remember the last time you hired experts to clean your septic tank. Thus, you’re wondering whether your septic tank requires cleaning. As hinted, you should clean your septic tank regularly to avoid environmental and health risks that can follow if the tank malfunctions or overflows.

Here are signs that your septic tank requires cleaning: 

  • Water pooling around the septic tank drain field, suggesting a clogged piping system and the content forcing the liquid to the surface
  • Overflowing scum or sludge on the water in the system with sewage flowing into the water
  • Slow draining toilets and sinks that you can’t solve with drain unblocking
  • Unusual or foul odors near the septic tank
  • Vigorously growing plants around your septic tank

How often your septic tank needs cleaning depends on the number of people in a household and the frequency of its use. Nevertheless, septic system experts recommend emptying the tank at least once every three years.

What Our Septic Tank Cleaning Includes

Septic tank cleaning involves using a vacuum tank truck. Our technicians stretch a hose from our vehicle and then vacuum out the tank contents. In most cases, our crew takes less than an hour to clean a septic tank.

What’s more, our technicians will examine your septic tank as part of the cleaning process. This examination includes checking the tank level, sump pumps, baffles and cleaning the aerator shaft. Residential and commercial properties have different types of septic tanks whose components vary. Nevertheless, our technicians have the necessary skills and experience to clean, diagnose, evaluate, and even repair any septic tank and aeration system.

Don’t let greases and sludge harm the secondary filter by not cleaning your septic tank regularly. Instead, let us clean your septic tank to extend its lifespan and improve its performance.

Let Experts Clean Your Septic Tank Now!

Failure to clean your septic tank will lead to its malfunctioning. And a malfunctioned septic tank will ruin your convenience and comfort. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore or postpone your septic tank cleaning. If it’s time to clean your septic tank or you can’t recall when you hired experts to clean it, talk to us. We guarantee you a hassle-free, affordable, and easy septic tank cleaning service!