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The Colombia Septic Company offers the best septic pumping service in Columbia, West Columbia, Eastmont, Arthurtown, and Dentville. We have the most competent and experienced team providing our septic services in these areas. Call Now if looking for the best septic experts to pump out the waste from your tank.

Septic systems are prevalent in buildings that can’t access the city sewer line. Instead of pumping waste via the sewer mains and then to a central treatment facility, septic systems pump liquid and solid wastes from a house to an underground septic tank and drain field. Ideally, a septic system provides a secure and safe way to dispose of wastewater and liquid without a sewer connection.

While a septic tank can be large, it eventually fills up with liquid and solid waste. The drain fields of septic systems get rid of the water flowing through them. However, you should contain the waste properly until its extraction for eco-friendly treatment. If you don’t extract this waste in time, the drains will start backing up from the septic tank. And that’s when you contact us to schedule a septic tank pumping appointment.



Why You Might Need a Septic Pumping Service

Septic systems handle all kinds of waste from the property occupants. Therefore, you should ensure that your septic system runs safely and smoothly. Without proper and timely pumping, a septic emergency can occur. If that happens, the system will lease phosphorous, human waste, and nitrogen into the groundwater.

Harmful bacteria from the septic system could affect the health of your pets, family, and the garden negatively. What’s more, unpleasant odors will fill your compound if the septic system malfunctions and releases waste into the other parts of your property. Scheduling regular and timely septic pumping can prevent this and ensure the smooth running of your waste management system.

Is It Time to Schedule a Septic Pumping Appointment?

Maybe you’re wondering how you know it’s the right time to pump a septic tank. Determining the frequency of pumping out a septic system is not easy. That’s because every household fills a septic tank at its rate. What’s more, different septic tanks have varying waste capacities.

Our crew will tell you how often you need experts to pump out waste from your septic tank during installation. However, you may have to pump out your septic system if you use the tank more often.

Here are signs of a septic system that needs pumping:

  • Strange smells: If you detect a sulfur-like, foul odor from the surface near the septic tank, you should hire experts to pump it out. That’s because the smells are signs of a tank that’s either near or at capacity. Our crew can check your septic tank and pump it out if necessary.
  • Above-ground wastewater: Have you noticed wastewater on the surface of the ground above the septic tank? The constant appearance of dirty or brown water near the septic tank indicates a full septic tank that needs pumping. What’s more, your lawn could love the fertilizer, but the sight or the smell could be an eyesore. Call us immediately to pump out your septic tank if you notice this in your compound.
  • Slow drains: Perhaps, the drains in your house or commercial building are slower than usual. Maybe you’ve tried to unclog the water drains, but nothing seems to work. In that case, your septic tank could be full. Call us to inspect the septic system and recommend the best course of action.

The Columbia Septic Company can dispatch a team of experts to inspect your septic system and determine whether you should pump it. All you do is invite us to your residential or commercial property at the most convenient time for you.

Our Septic Pumping Process

Pumping out a septic tank is not among the pretty jobs most people want to do. However, it’s a necessary task for ensuring the comfort and health of your family. Our septic pumping experts will arrive at your home with our specialized septic pumping truck and other equipment for handling wastewater and solid waste from your system. We use premium hoses and modern pumps in vacuuming liquid and solid waste from the septic tank.

After removing the waste, our crew will inspect your septic system and perform other maintenance practices to ensure its optimal performance. Ideally, we leave your septic system in its perfect shape.

Contact us to enlist the best septic pumping service for your residential or commercial property!